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A passion for making awesome drinks....

Hi, I'm Ruby. 


I've been a bartender for over 25 years and am passionate about creating a great time!


I wanted to start a service that could bring the bar to wherever the party would be happening!


Commited to great drinks!

Yampa Valley Shakers (YVS) Is a mobile bar company that specializes in beer, wine and cocktail service. By having a portable bar we can turn any space into a cocktail lounge. The bartenders with YVS also have the extensive knowledge and ability to create cocktails special to your liking.


With decades of bartending experience YVS has the ability to make the bar service at your event perfect. We have a specialty cocktail program that is unparalleled, to give your party a personal touch. Think, barrel aged cocktails, infusions, or a signature wedding drink.


We also provide classic beer and wine service. Definitely willing to take last minute reservations for your event, please contact us at any time if you are interested in our service.


Let us help you with your next event.

We can't wait to make your day more memorable!

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